CCSA Answers: District of Residence for Homeless Students

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September 3, 2012

Question: We have at least one student whose family sleeps in various other families' homes, all in different districts. How do we decide what is the school of origin for this homeless student?

Answer: This issue comes up frequently when determining the Local Education Agency (LEA) that is required to provide support under the McKinney-Vento Act.

According to the Improvement and Accountability Division of the CDE, school of origin is defined as the last school the student was attending when permanently housed. For a charter school, if the student was your student when they became homeless you are required to provide support resources for them to retain the ability to attend your school. If the student was a district student when they became homeless, then transferred to a charter school after becoming homeless, the LEA that was educating the student, prior to them becoming homeless must provide the support resources under McKinney-Vento.

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