250+ Charter Parents Come Out to Oppose Steve Zimmer's Resolution

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September 13, 2012 We had a incredible turnout from parents at the Sept. 11 board meeting. A huge thanks to the many schools who brought parents and our incredible spokespeople.

LAUSD Board Member Steve Zimmer said at the meeting that he would be revising his resolution, but didn't provide details. The item goes up for vote on Oct. 9.

LAUSD Board Member Tamar Galatzan posted this to her Facebook page after the meeting (you can go to the Families That Can Facebook page to "Like it."):

"I oppose any policy that purposely limits the school choices available to the students and families in Los Angeles. Today, Board Member Zimmer introduced a resolution which seeks to halt further approvals of all charter schools until further notice, and to add multiple layers of oversight to our existing system--which will be costly and bureaucratic. I support district efforts to share best practices between charter schools and traditional schools. And I continue to hold charter schools accountable for their performance and achievement. If they fall short, I will vote to revoke their charters and to close their schools. However, I will not support any resolution that seeks to limit the choices of our students, parents, and communities, who have worked so hard to build and expand the educational options available to over 110,000 students in Los Angeles."