New Poll Shines Light on Teacher Satisfaction at Charters vs. Traditional Schools

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July 10, 2012 Earlier this year, CCSA polled nearly 500 charter and non-charter teachers to find out how teachers were feeling about their respective workplaces. What did CCSA discover? We discovered that teachers find satisfaction in different areas in both traditional public schools and charter schools. The poll also found that in some areas charter teachers are more satisfied then their counterparts in traditional public schools.

Teach Plus also recently looked at similar issues and published a white paper which is a great resource for charter leaders who are looking for ways to improve teacher retention. It features a compilation of recommendations made by current teachers from across the nation to help great schools retain great teachers.

About Teach Plus

The goal of Teach Plus, founded in 2007, is to engage early career teachers in rebuilding their profession to better meet the needs of students and the incoming generation of teachers. The program began with 16 founding teachers from urban district and charter schools in the Greater Boston area. Teach Plus has grown to a network of more than 5,000 reform-minded teachers in six cities, including Los Angeles.