New SDUSD Charter Policy

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June 8, 2012 San Diego Unified School District had its first reading of their new charter policy which has been developed collaboratively over the last year with district staff and members of the charter community.

A significant aspect of the policy is that it reinstates a "fast track" renewal process that requires much less work for the charter and the district. Basically, if a charter is in at least its second renewal, meets the criteria for renewal in ed code and is in good standing with the district, (no outstanding debt, parent complaints, 3% financial reserve, well functioning board and has meet their academic goals in their charter), then they can be put on the fast track for renewal. This means their petition receives a light review from the staff, which would not require any revisions from the charter and then on to a public hearing. Then rather than a second board meeting, the charter would be approved on a consent agenda.

A similar process was in place years ago before a previous superintendent rescinded charter policy all together. The policy also gives an overview of the charter petitioning process, material revision process, special education, purchasing services from the district and a general overview of the relationship between SDUSD and charter schools. New aspects of the policy are that SDUSD has added a capacity interview process for new charter developers as well as increased the responsibilities of the charter advisory group to assist in capacity interviews as well as provide peer to peer support when needed.

Once the policy is finalized we will make sure that it is accessible to our members as it will be a good model for any district looking to adopt a charter policy.

Lisa Berlanga
Regional Director