Charter School Facility Funding Programs Direct from the Experts

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June 1, 2012 Identifying and securing adequate facilities for charter students is a challenging task for many of our state's charter schools. A new video recorded at the 19th Annual California Charter Schools Conference offers an additional resource to schools as they confront this challenge--guidance and direction on specific charter school facility funding programs directly from the agencies which administer them. In this piece, panelists Lisa Silverman and Bill Savidge (State Allocation Board), Kathleen Moore (California Department of Education), and Katrina Johantgen (California School Finance Authority) discuss the status of funding for each program and how schools can advocate for themselves when it comes to facilities.

Of course, schools are not alone as they seek facilities; CCSA advocates for equity in facilities for our charter schools and students, and offers support and resources from our regional and statewide staff, as well as our legal, legislative, and communications experts for those seeking facilities or needing assistance with issues that may arise. Members, access additional facilities resources here.