A Year in Review

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June 22, 2012 As we wind down our school years and head out for a well earned summer break, hopefully everyone gets at least a little bit of time off, it is good to look back over the year and see what we have accomplished locally.

All of our schools were successfully renewed, although El Rancho got some unwanted district overreach during their six month process of renewal, (yes 6 months) but the outcome was good, they were renewed.

We continue to have new charter growth both in terms of replications/expansions of existing charters as well as brand new charter growth. I think it speaks volumes to the strength of our movement and our charter leaders themselves that we continue to grow, even in this economy. In SDUSD we have the potential to make history with the bond they are developing for the November Ballot that includes charters equitably and with flexible language that will actually support new seat development.

Also in SDUSD, a new charter policy was developed in collaboration with charter leaders and passed, so now board members have some clarity on processes as do the charter schools especially around new charter approval process, and renewals with a fast track renewal process brought back to life.

We also formed a second special education JPA in North County to support more charters in providing their own special education services directly to their students. We are finding that with the San Diego Special Ed. Consortium, the more students we directly serve the better the services.

Overall, it has been a good year with lots of progress made on many fronts. As we look forward to the fall we know it will be busy with the presidential election and many issues on the ballot that affect charter schools. So, rest up this summer if you can because fall promises to be busy!

Lisa Berlanga
Regional Director