The Brown Act and Posting Meeting Minutes

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May 31, 2012

Question: Does the Brown Act include a directive related to the posting of meeting minutes?

(This answer was updated June 6,2012)

Answer: No. The Brown Act does not require that minutes be taken or that they be posted, except in very specific circumstances, only one of which may be relevant for charter schools. After a local agency holds an emergency meeting under Government Code 54956.5, the agency must post meeting minutes, which must include

"a list of persons who the presiding officer of the legislative body, or designee of the legislative body, notified or attempted to notify, a copy of the roll call vote, and any actions taken at the meeting [and these minutes] must be posted for a minimum of 10 days in a public place as soon after the meeting as possible." (ยง54956.5(e).) In general, emergency meetings may be called with less than 24-hour notice, but only in order to handle very extreme situations such as "work stoppage, crippling activity, or other activity that severely impairs public health, safety, or both."

We advise you to check your charter and bylaws to first determine whether your school must comply with the Brown Act, and consult legal counsel should you have any questions about how to comply.

We've answered this member-submitted question, and provided additional context, in "Understanding the Brown Act."

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