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May 4, 2012 There was a big charter meeting at SDUSD last week. First up was the controversial renewal of Nubia Leadership Academy. Staff had recommended non-renewal because the school does not meet the ed code standards for renewal, nor did they meet CCSA standards, but after an impassioned plea for a second chance from the Nubia community, board members decided to give the charter school a second chance by offering a conditional renewal. The conditions require that Nubia Leadership Academy

  • must make their API academic progress each year for three years
  • must reconstitute their board
  • must become a 501 (c)3.

Nubia is happy to comply with these conditions and is in the process of making material revisions to their charter to reflect this. SDUSD will formally vote on the renewal, after material revisions are submitted at a special meeting Friday afternoon.

Other big news from SDUSD is that they have issued a notice of violation to a charter school who has a negative cash flow balance projected for the end of the year. The notice of violation provides the school with a few weeks to submit a plan that shows how they will be fiscally solvent by year's end. If the charter cannot do this, the revocation process will continue. SDUSD also issued six other warning letters to charters who projected budgets are also in the negative, but for lesser amounts or do not have at least a 3% reserve. This is a serious warning to all charters, as we are in financially trying times. Find current information on the Budget and ideas and resources to weather these trying times.

Lisa Berlanga
Regional Director