San Diego Bond Measure

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May 25, 2012 San Diego Unified is putting forth a bond measure that includes charter schools at a pro-rata share this November. We have been working closely with the district to ensure equitability in addition to supporting and encouraging the district to use the bond to find innovative solutions to our facility issues.

Historically, only charter schools on district facilities benefited from the last two major bonds passed by SDUSD. This time around we want to see all charters in the district benefit. In order to get there we are encouraging the district to find ways to support new seat development by:

  • creating a grant type program for lease reimbursement
  • building new seats for charters on existing facilities
  • and/or purchasing land/facilities for development of charter school seats and provided funding for credit enhancement, in order to help new charter schools lease facilities.

All these ideas support new seats as well as charters not on district facilities. Once we have this language finalized we will have a precedent set for how bonds should be equitably shared with charters and can use that is all future bond language across the state.

Lisa Berlanga
Regional Director