Proposition 39 and SDUSD

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May 4, 2012 Good news this week for a couple more charter schools who were still negotiating the Prop. 39 process. Two more charter schools in San Diego Unified received facilities in an "outside" of Prop. 39 offer, which basically means they can charge more than they could under Prop. 39 and facilities don't have to be of the same quality. However, it also shows that they are willing to be flexible and work with charters. Many charters would prefer "outside" of Prop. 39 offers, especially if it means you don't have to share a site with a district school.

Leonardo da Vinci also accepted a Prop. 39 offer, a first official Prop. 39 offer in Chula Vista. The school will be moving into portables on an existing campus. Unfortunately, the cost of moving portables is completely on the charter and additional space for students that are not district residents is $15. However, for LdVCS it is less than they are currently paying on private property. It is also a much better offer than last year when the district offered space on three separate campuses. If you are interested in applying for Prop. 39 space next cycle, we have lots of resources, visit our website to check them out.

Lisa Berlanga
Regional Director