CCSA files motion in its Prop. 39 case against LAUSD challenging LAUSD's classroom space allocation to charter schools.

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May 18, 2012 Last Thursday, May 17th, CCSA filed a motion in its ongoing case against Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) which challenges its compliance with Prop. 39, the state law that requires school districts to share facilities with charter schools. In the motion, CCSA asks the court to order LAUSD to provide classrooms to charter schools in the classroom-to-ADA ratio required by the Prop. 39 regulations, rather than the "norming ratio" used by LAUSD in allocating classrooms for its own students.

CCSA believes that LAUSD's use of its norming ratio to allocate classrooms results in a much lower classroom allocation to charter schools than charter schools are entitled to under the law. CCSA is asking that LAUSD make offers of facilities in future years based on the correct calculation, and that LAUSD make revised final offers to schools for the 2012-13 school year based upon the correct calculation.

The motion is scheduled before the Court on June 11th. If CCSA prevails on this motion and you received a final offer of facilities from LAUSD under Prop. 39 in April, your school may receive a new final offer of facilities, even if you declined your original offer.

Please continue to monitor all communications from LAUSD and CCSA throughout the summer for important updates. If you receive a new final offer, you will likely have a short period of time to examine that new offer and decide whether to accept it. You can read CCSA's motion for more details. Learn more about the lawsuit here.