CCSA Data Collection: Driving Research, Advocacy and Service

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May 21, 2012 Just as charter schools use data to best serve their students, so too does CCSA use data to best serve the California charter school movement. As a data-driven membership organization we have data on our minds year-round. As such, member support of and participation in CCSA data collection is critical.

So what data requests will be made of your school, and how do we put the results to work? The Association's efforts are twofold:

School Site Data

On one front we connect with all charter schools across the state to gather school site data that otherwise is not publicly or readily available. This includes information about a charter school's infrastructure, staffing, governance, facilities, special education program, student population and much more. Fueled with this invaluable information, CCSA is better equipped to educate the public, enact change in Sacramento, and make advancements in areas of import to the charter school movement like facilities, academic accountability and special education.

The key tool by which we gather school site data is our annual Fall Data Campaign. Each August through September CCSA contacts every single charter school in the state via any means possible. So when you return to campus next fall, please keep an eye and ear open for our requests that you participate in this movement-critical effort.

Member Satisfaction

We want to know your overall satisfaction with our work, which advocacy initiatives you prioritize, and how we can make membership even more valuable for your school.

"I can't express enough just how important member participation in CCSA data collection efforts is," said Brianna Swartz, the Association's Director, Membership Services. "Not only can schools directly benefit from this vast compilation of knowledge, but it goes back to this necessity to pool our resources for the greater good. We really are all in this together, which is just as important today as it was 20 years ago when the first charter schools were getting off the ground in California."

For more information about CCSA's data collection efforts, or for assistance participating in either the Charter Member Satisfaction Survey or Fall Data Campaign, please email Member Services or call 866-411-2272.