Being Prepared for Charter Leader Turnover Should be a Priority

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May 24, 2012 The topic of head of school or principal turnover is a significant issue. In fact there is almost always a session or two at our annual conference dedicated to this subject. It goes to show how important leadership is to the well-being of an organization.

That's why I believe it is important to have a robust professional development program or process in place at our schools to inspire folks to continue to improve and take on new duties and challenges. The hope is that when a leader of a school decides it's time to move on to a new environment, that there will be someone else prepared and excited about immediately jumping into that position. That could be someone outside or within the same organization.

I mention this because there are a number examples where this is happening here in our community. One that I will mention is the Academy for Civic & Entrepreneurial Leadership in Fresno. This school has just completed one accomplishment which was successfully being re-authorized but now has a new challenge. And that challenge is to find that capable and willing individual to help lead the school to its next phase of solidifying itself in the community. I've spoken to folks on the school's board and they are moving forward with a search and full intention of continuing to grow and develop as an organization. I wish them the best as they pursue that endeavor and encourage all schools to begin to train our future leaders.

John Madrid
Regional Director, Central Valley