Are You Renewing this Year?

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May 18, 2012 Over the past few years, an increasing number of charter schools across the state have faced difficulty when seeking initial authorization or renewal of their charters. In some cases, district authorizers have pulled petitioning schools into a type of "timeline game" -a game in which authorizers drag out the approval process leaving schools with insufficient time to go through the appeal process and no option but to make concessions as a condition for approval. In other cases, authorizers have made the petitioning process increasingly arduous, piling on seemingly arbitrary, time-consuming conditions for approval--most of which are not required by law. Well aware of these challenges, the Association has prioritized efforts to minimize or eliminate challenges with charter authorization.

To position your school to best meet these challenges, the Association strongly suggests that petitioning schools submit new or renewal petition documents early. If you are planning to petition in the 12-13 school year, aim to submit by September 15, if at all possible.

If you intend to seek renewal in the upcoming school year, please register for the following webinars:

You might also wish to check out CCSA's online Renewal Resources, which have recently been refreshed. Besides technical support, we are happy to work with you about your advocacy strategy and community outreach. I will be your point person throughout this process. Don't hesitate to be in touch!