Why the 2012 Elections Matter

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April 27, 2012 The 2012 elections will impact California's policy environment for years to come. This will be the first election held after voter-approved initiatives creating an independent redistricting commission and establishing an open primary. Current estimate are that half of the State Assembly could be new members. How will these new laws affect this year's selections? How will the presidential election impact races in California? What will the impact of the ballot measure campaigns be?

Panelists Dominic DiMare, Paul Mitchell and Matt Rexroad answered these questions and a host of others during their session at the 19th Annual California Charter Schools Conference, held last month in Sacramento. Now you can watch a video of their full presentation on CCSA's YouTube channel. Look for links to additional presentations, and for information on a special discount on the 20th Annual California Charter Schools Conference, in coming weeks!