Supt. Deasy Tells District Staff To Stop Hostility Around Proposed Co-Locations

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April 12, 2012 CCSA has been made aware of some recent instances of hostility by District staff and students towards charter schools which have been offered co-locations at LAUSD facilities.

Attorneys representing CCSA recently wrote a letter to LAUSD objecting to this conduct and asking LAUSD to take certain steps to put an end to it. Superintendent John Deasy has since issued a letter to LAUSD principals and administratorsreminding them of LAUSD's commitment to provide a safe and secure learning environment for charter and LAUSD students, and informing them that "appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken" towards LAUSD staff if they engage in conduct that would "frustrate" co-locations.

CCSA hopes that the Superintendent's letter will put an end to this obstructive behavior. Please contact the CCSA LA Advocacy team immediately if you have received an offer of facilities by LAUSD and you experience any hostility or harassment regarding the proposed co-location.