Supporting Downtown Fresno Charters

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April 5, 2012 A limited number of charter schools located in the downtown Fresno area serve students from all over the local region. There has long been support and encouragement from many for an increase of charter school options in the downtown area due to the ability to serve the 40,000 plus daytime population that travel each day from their neighborhoods to work in the city's urban core. Since charters do not have boundary limitations like traditional public schools, a family can decide to pull their child out of their home school if there is an adequate, high quality educational choice in proximity to their place of work. There are folks that travel from all over Fresno and neighboring cities that could benefit from these additional school choices.

Imagine a downtown filled with activity from people dropping off and picking up their children at various locations in the downtown area with good access to freeways and public transportation. Imagine a downtown filled with multiple education options specializing in the arts, technology, civic responsibilities and so many other specialty areas in education. Imagine businesses being there to support the increased activity in the daytime and evening. There is a lot to imagine and plenty to benefit if an increase of school choices for students and families in the downtown area becomes a reality. One of those schools located in the downtown area is the Academy for Civic & Entrepreneurial Leadership (ACEL) who will be going up for a vote to renew their charter school in front of the Fresno Unified School District Board later this month on April 25th. It is important that they receive their renewal and continue to serve families and students in the area. Please do what you can to communicate your support for a positive vote on the 25th.

John Madrid
Regional Director, Central Valley