CCSA Announces Changes to the LA Advocacy Team

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April 30, 2012 I am pleased to announce some changes on our team that I believe will continue to increase the effectiveness of our regional advocacy and parent organizing work in Los Angeles and throughout California. Allison Bajracharya is being promoted to Vice President of Regional Advocacy, where she will take responsibility for our local and regional advocacy work across California. Corri Ravare is being promoted to Managing Regional Director for the Los Angeles Region, in addition to her current responsibilities as Executive Director for Families That Can. As part of these changes, we are combining our advocacy and parent organizing work onto the same team, enabling a more cohesive setting of priorities and efficient allocation of staffing resources in Los Angeles.

I believe these changes will make us even more effective in our LA advocacy work as we look forward to important priorities in the coming year, including LA's parcel tax, school board elections, a continued focus on new school growth and successful charter renewals, facilities solutions, special education, and other next steps with the Schools We Can Believe In coalition. Please read on for more information about these changes.

To increase the management capacity of our Regional Advocacy team, we are creating a new position, Vice President, Regional Advocacy to manage the work of our regional advocacy leads in Los Angeles, San Diego, the Bay Area, and Sacramento. After two and a half years leading the policy and advocacy work in Los Angeles, Allison Bajracharya will assume this new role effective this month. With her experience through the Public School Choice campaigns, the development of the Quality Schools Compact, the execution of the Schools We Can Believe In Rally, and the recent inclusion of charter schools in the L.A. Parcel tax, she will drive the strategic development and execution of our policy and advocacy work statewide of four teams that are parallel in structure to the team she managed in Los Angeles.

Simultaneously, to ensure our regional advocates and parent organizers are working in aligned fashion and to give our regional advocacy work a boost, we are combining our Families That Can organizers and our regional advocacy teams into one. As such, your local parent organizers, Fiorella del Carpio and Kisheen Tulloss, will work alongside Sara Hernandez and Marisa Quintanar as your local policy and parent organizing advocates. While these teams have historically worked alongside each other, we feel confident that infusing them into one team will make their work that much more effective. To take our work in Los Angeles to the next level, Corri Ravare will lead this team as the Managing Regional Director, while also continuing her role as Executive Director for Families That Can statewide. Corri's breadth of experiences, from her early days at LAUSD, to her operational experience at ICEF and her critical role in the initial development of Families That Can, make her well positioned to take on such extensive and dynamic responsibilities.

Corri and Allison are working closely to ensure a smooth transition for this work. We are excited to build on both of their talents and our successes in the region. If you have any questions about these changes, please feel free to contact me or Gary Borden.



Jed Wallace
President and CEO
California Charter Schools Association