Proposition 39: Working with SDUSD

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March 30, 2012 San Diego Unified approved three offers at their meeting on Tuesday. All three of these schools already occupy district space but share it with a district school, so they have to go through the Prop. 39 process each year. There are 14 other charter schools who are lucky enough to have multiyear agreements. SDUSD is continuing to work with two other charter schools on Prop. 39 offers but extended their timeline a month. One challenge to Prop. 39 offers is sharing facilities with district schools, as district school communities are less than happy to hear that they are being required to share space. It takes some finesse from the facilities department in convincing school communities that sharing with a charter school is actually good use of their space and it can, if planned well, be beneficial to both schools.

SDUSD is also working with charters "outside" of Prop. 39 to provide them with district space at rates that are different from Prop. 39. These offers are sometimes made because the facility is not up to Prop. 39 standards, or because the charter school did not follow the Prop. 39 process and the district is not required to provide facilities. We encourage SDUSD to work with charters both within and without the process to ensure as many charters receive facilities as possible. If you need assistance with the Prop. 39 process, negotiating a multiyear lease or negotiating for district space outside of Prop. 39 please contact me.

We hope to have good news regarding Prop. 39 in Chula Vista soon as well.

Lisa Berlanga
Regional Director