LAUSD Parcel Tax Includes Charters!

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March 15, 2012 On March 13, the LAUSD Board voted 6-1 to approve a five-year, $298-per parcel tax on properties within district boundaries to go on the November 2012 ballot. The parcel tax includes ALL public schools within LAUSD, setting aside 9 percent of the total for independent charter schools, annually, for five years.

The district's approval of an initiative that would support traditional and charter school students alike is an indication that the funding equity message we conveyed clearly at our "Schools We Can Believe In" rally resonated with our LAUSD partners. A special thanks to Ana Ponce for representing the voice of the charter movement in the district's Parcel Tax Committee, which helped to develop the final language in the measure. We'd also like to thank Connie Rivera, a parent with Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, who spoke out in favor of charters being included in the parcel tax at the LAUSD board meeting.

While yesterday's decision by the Board was certainly a win for the entire Los Angeles community, we still have many obstacle ahead. Check out the Weekly Member Digest on Monday to get a deeper understanding of how these obstacles played out yesterday and could be increasingly challenging in the upcoming months. In spite of these obstacles, we hope that our ongoing mobilization around funding equity, facilities equity, and a commitment to quality schools will move us closer to our vision of ensuring all students can access "Schools We Can Believe In".

Please continue to monitor our website and Weekly Member Digest for updates regarding the parcel tax campaign and other relevant items.