LAUSD Charter Division is Hiring

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March 2, 2012 Do you know a highly capable candidate? This position calls for someone with a deep understanding of charter schools and ability to manage many different areas. The position will report to Jose Cole-Gutierrez of LAUSD's Charter Schools Division.

See the full job description.

The Administrative Coordinator serves a key role in managing and executing day-to-day and strategic deliverables of the Division and acts for the Charter Schools Director as required.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provides strategic advisement and planning for priority areas of the Charter Schools Division, including engaging stakeholders, preparing written materials, and making presentations
  • Manages the execution of day-today operational needs and strategic initiatives
  • Supervises and provides management support and direction to staff as required/assigned
  • Analyzes and interprets relevant legislation, District policy relating to charter schools, and performance data and recommend changes, as necessary
  • Supervises the preparation and completion of and, when appropriate, prepares Board and Committee Reports
  • Maintains collaborative working relationships with Charter Schools Division, central, and local district staff as part of the ongoing oversight of charter schools and analysis of school performance
  • Responds to questions from Board members and their staff regarding items for action in board briefings and open Board meetings, as needed
  • Interfaces with federal, state, and local offices and community organizations
  • Provides input and guidance to the Director regarding the range of charter issues including, without limitation, the instructional program
  • Provides input regarding budget issues
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Salary: 44G, Temporary Adviser (0515) - E Basis ($90,919 - $113,379) - 234 paid days (11 month calendar)

Minimum Requirements:

  • Eight years of successful full-time public school certificated service with at least two years of experience in a management position(s)
  • Valid California Administrative Services Credential
  • An earned master's degree or advanced degree of at least equivalent standard from an accredited college or university