Charter School Night at the Padres

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March 5, 2012 The third annual Charter School Night at the Padres has been scheduled for Saturday, May 5 at 5:35 p.m. See the flyer for all the details. We get a great discount on tickets and we will also have the opportunity to choose the "Play Ball" kid, color guard and 2 charters to highlight during the pregame show. All opportunities to participate in the pregame show will be based on percentage of tickets sold. The charter schools with the highest percentages will get to choose how they would like to participate. Two charters will get to send a staff member to the field during the pregame to honor a staff member, students or parent volunteer. Both selected school will get to submit a short paragraph that highlights their school and honoree.

If you want to participate in the competition please let me know what your total student population is so I can start tracking your percentage of tickets sold.

Feel free to distribute this flyer widely; staff, parents, board members, etc.
If you want to block out a section for your school contact Bill Sixsmith directly - or (619) 795-5141.

Lisa Berlanga
Regional Director