Changes in LACOE's STRS Reporting Deadline Cause Pain for Many Charters

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March 23, 2012 Beginning February 1, LACOE moved its STRS reporting deadline up by ten days, drastically reducing the amount of time charter operators and back office providers have to process and submit payments for STRS submissions. The change in deadline, according to LACOE, is a result of STRS threatening to impose penalties to any county that does not meet the existing STRS reporting timeline. The move has made it almost impossible for many charters to process their data accurately, leading operators to ask their human resources staff to work extensive overtime or risk paying financial penalties for late submissions (beginning July 1).

We recognize the undue burden this is creating for many of you. Therefore, CCSA along with a group of charter schools and business management service providers are pursuing a two-pronged approach to alleviate some of the pressure that charters throughout the county are facing:

  1. We are engaging with LACOE staff and LACOE Board Members to determine if the reporting deadline can be extended.
  2. We are also engaging with CalSTRS to explore alternative options that better suit the needs of charters.

We will keep you updated as we make progress on the issue. For more information on this issue, contact Marisa Quintanar.