CCSA Answers: Charter Schools and the Field Act

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March 23, 2012

Question: Must a district-sponsored charter school facility be in compliance with the Field Act?

Answer: Locally or direct-funded charter schools need not comply with the Field Act. They may use any of the following types of facilities, as per Education Code 47610:

  1. Facilities that comply with the California Building Standards Code as adopted and enforced by the local building enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the area in which the charter school is located.
  2. Facilities that comply with the Field Act.
  3. Facilities that are exclusively owned or controlled by an entity that is not subject to the California Building Standards Code, such as the federal government.

It is important to note that any proposed facility within two nautical miles of an existing or proposed runway must receive a review by the Department of Transportation's Division of Aeronautics prior to acquiring title or leasing property.

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