Superintendent Search Update (Santa Clara County Office of Education)

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February 5, 2012 As many of you know, the SCCOE Superintendent, Dr. Chuck Weis, is retiring at the end of this school year and the SCCBOE is currently in the process of searching for a replacement. The last day for candidates to apply was January 31st and interviews will be conducted during February in the hopes of announcing the selected candidate to lead the SCCOE by March. Roughly 50% of charters in Santa Clara County are county-authorized either on appeal or through the county-wide benefit process so this new leadership is significant.

In his blog, San Jose Inside, the president of the SCCBOE writes,

"The newly appointed superintendent must see himself/herself as a powerful game-changer for how public education can navigate itself through a thicket of critical issues that include: funding, equitable distribution of public dollars, charter school competition/cooperation, ensuring that 100% of all Silicon Valley students graduate with a high school diploma prepared for entrance into a career or college, and so much more..."

The SCCBOE has approved more charters than any other county office board in California so it is critical for the entire movement that the new superintendent sees charters as essential and as partners in improving public education. More to come.