Successful San Jose Area Regional Meeting!

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February 17, 2012 Thank you to the schools who attended the recent South Bay/San Jose Area Charter Leaders Meeting: Rocketship, ACE, Latino College Prep (LCPA), Escuela Popular, Charter School of Morgan Hill (CSMH), Bullis, EdTec, Alpha, designEd (developer), Downtown College Prep. A special thank you to Ed Alvarez and Tony Fuentes of LCPA for hosting the meeting and sharing information about their school.

Wanny Hersey of Bullis presented on their facilities struggle and we discussed ways to leverage the diligence of the Bullis community. Paige Cisewski of CSMH took us through our area's special education data where we realized both that our numbers as a region are low and that we need more accurate data. She then reviewed the Bay Area Special Ed JPA as a vehicle for improving service delivery. Alice Miller, CCSA's Director of Knowledge Management, lead a segment on the budget and other legislative and regulatory changes. We also reviewed the importance of reading Capitol Updates being especially mindful of bills such as AB1172, the bill that would allow for district fiscal impact to be used to deny charters, which will need our collective efforts again soon.

Here are links to some of the items referenced during the meeting:

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference and next Regional Charter Leaders Meeting in the Spring! In the meantime, stay on top of news specific to your region via the Bay Area regional webpage.