Santa Clara County Announces New Superintendent!

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February 24, 2012 The Santa Clara County Board of Trustees has authorized roughly half of the charters in Santa Clara County (both on appeal and as County Wide Benefits), which is more than any other county board in the state. It goes without saying that the leadership at the SCCOE continues to be extremely important to Santa Clara County charters, but it can also be an example of the valuable role that other COEs can and should be playing throughout the Bay Area and state.

When the Board started the candidate search process, some board members stated that they wanted a "game changer", someone who embraced education reform and who would prioritize transparency, accountability and SJ/SV2020, the initiative to close the achievement gap by 2020.

On February 23, 2012, the new County Superintendent was announced to be Dr. Xavier De La Torre from El Paso's Socorro Independent School District. Socorro ISD has been recognized as one of the most progressive school district's in El Paso, but with El Paso being one of the most charter-unfriendly cities in Texas, it will be interesting to see what Dr. De La Torre brings to the table. For current Santa Clara County charter schools or those interested in opening charters in Santa Clara County, it is imperative that we collectively take a proactive approach and start reaching out to him as soon as possible! More to come. For more information on the appointment read the press release.