Preliminary Proposition 39 Offers in San Diego Unified School District

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February 5, 2012 Prop. 39 is very important is SDUSD, as almost half of the 44 charters in SDUSD are housed in district facilities.

Preliminary offers were rolled out on Jan.31, just in time for the deadline of Feb. 1. There were 14 requests this year and ten preliminary offers. All offers, except for one technically outside of Prop. 39, are on shared sites with district facilities. Since SDUSD decided not to close their under enrolled campuses, there are fewer locations to offer charter schools. Shared campuses are the norm in Los Angeles Unified School District and can work out well for some charter schools if done right. Arroyo Paseo, here in San Diego, is quite happy with their shared facility that they were given through the Prop. 39 process last year. The district set up the situation well with a fence separating the campuses, a separate entrance and bathrooms.

Proposition 39 Stats in SDUSD

  • 12 charters are in multi-year outside of Prop. 39 agreements, coterminous with life of their charter (these all began as year to year Prop. 39)
  • 3 charters have outside of Prop. 39 offers, an additional one this year is being offered
  • 3 other charters have Prop. 39 offers, which mean they have to apply each year.
  • 7 additional charters (currently not on district facilities) requested facilities this year

We also had a charter apply to Chula Vista School District for the second year. Last year the charter school did not receive a compliant offer, but this year we are happy to report that they received an offer that may end up working out for them. It is nice to see that our persistence paid off.

If you have put in a Proposition 39 request and need assistance in responding or negotiating with your district, please don't hesitate to let us know. Also, you will find some great resources on our website.