One-Stop Shop For Charter School Fact Sheets

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February 24, 2012 CCSA has created more than two dozen Fact Sheets on a variety of key charter school topics that are a great tool for schools to use in outreach to parents, elected representatives and the greater community. From the number of charter schools in each of our regions, to dispelling charter myths with facts, to demonstrating continued growth, these fact sheets can be downloaded and shared with different audiences. Now when you connect with parents, community leaders or local legislators to "put a local face" on the charter school movement, you have handy fact sheets as a resource. Many are in both English and Spanish! Find all the Fact Sheets on our website.

And speaking of putting a face on charter schools, when you visit CCSA's website,, you will notice new photos from member schools, featured on the homepage. Thank you to our members for helping us share the real faces of the charter movement!