Growth in Orange County

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February 17, 2012 For years there were about a dozen charter schools in Orange County and this number remained stagnant, until recently. Last year Capistrano approved two new charters and now this year there are a couple more seeking approval. Two of these new charters were at the Orange County Department of Education last week.

Orangewood's The Academy was unanimously approved to open a very unique program in the fall of 2013. The Orangewood Foundation is a long standing foundation in Orange County serving the needs of foster youth. Orangewood Foundation decided the best way to further their mission was to open a charter school, which would house about half of the student population. The Orange County Board was thrilled to support such an innovative program. For more information on The Academy visit their website.

The other charter at Orange County on appeal was PEAK Charter, which is a program developed by a passionate group of parents who want to see a quality, public multi-age program in Orange County. The group has support of parents from over 19 districts in Orange County. Unfortunately, however their appeal was denied. OCOE was concerned about the governance structure and not following Gov. Code Section 1090, in addition to a few other concerns. OCOE Board members were however quite supportive of a multiage program within the county and encouraged the petitioners to continue working at it. It was the kindest denial that I have even been present at.