Gates Collaborative Work Unfolds

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February 16, 2012 As one of 16 cities that has signed a district-charter compact, we, alongside LAUSD, submitted a Concept Paper to the Gates Foundation this week. The focus of the paper is to increase services and supports for special education populations within a pilot group of schools with the intent of increasing academic outcomes for all special education students. By March 15, we will receive feedback from the foundation as to whether we can move forward to develop a more complete proposal for an award of up to $7 million over three years. Thank you to Michelle Jasso (Endeavor College Prep), Judy Burton (The Alliance for College Ready Public Schools), Roberta Benjamin (Aspire Public Schools, Jen D'Acoste (Granada Hills Charter) and Irene Sumida (Fenton Avenue Charter) for providing input into the development of the proposal.

Simultaneously, we received a $100,000 grant this week to implement Phase I of the Compact. This money will be used to develop infrastructure for the possible issuance of a TRANs, extended renewal, and special education service sharing.