Unionization Efforts in SDUSD Charter Community Continuing

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January 20, 2012 The San Diego Education Association, the local teacher's union in San Diego Unified, has been very active in the charter community since last spring. They have organized three charter schools over the last several months and continue to reach out to more schools. Recently, they visited a charter after school handing out their new charter publication. The publication is a very professional looking four page document with articles such as, "Benefits Declining at Many Charter Schools." The publication describes a support group for charter teachers that has been formed, "Charter Teachers Coordinating Committee," which was formed so that charter teachers could regularly discuss their issues together. The publication also discusses a charter survey done by phone with charter school teachers and they found that teachers were unhappy with budget cuts and didn't feel they had input in the process (70 teachers were surveyed). The article ends with, "SDEA members and CTCC will continue to find ways to organize and protect our schools."

We have provided information and guidance to several San Diego schools recently regarding collective bargaining rights and responsibilities. If you would like further information, please contact me at lberlanga@ccsa.org.