Special Education Options in San Diego County

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January 13, 2012 The San Diego Countywide Special Education Authority is up and running with their first official JPA Board meeting last week. This is the second JPA formed in San Diego County to support charter schools in providing their own special education services to their students, rather than relying on their districts. This JPA has the majority of its members in North County and several of them are independent study schools. The new JPA however is open to any charter who wants to join. The JPA currently has members applying to El Dorado but in the future will have charters in multiple SELPAs, hopefully one here locally in the next couple years.

The first San Diego Special Education JPA is also thriving with 20 members, all within the El Dorado SELPA. This is the fourth year this JPA has been up and running and providing special education services to their charter students. They have had great success and seen a huge increase in the quality of service and the rate of compliance around IEPs. Next year this JPA will be serving 10,000 students!!

CCSA continues to work on special education options around the state. A member of our special education team will be discussing this at the regional meetings coming up in February.

Lisa Berlanga
Regional Director