San Diego Unified Charter Policy

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January 6, 2012 A charter policy committee has been working with SDUSD staff on revising SDUSD charter policy. The fall was spent primarily addressing issues brought up by board members Barrera and Barnett, which staff was directed to solve with the policy committee. A solution was developed that addressed concerns from Barrera around how parent complaints were dealt with, as well as Barnett's concerns about new charter school's capacity. The idea is to elevate the existing charter advisory group to serve two additional purposes beyond what it already does. Currently the group meets with the charter office every other month to plan the charter leader meetings. Additionally, the group has in the past helped develop, reviewed and given input on documents such as the accountability process, MOU's and other district policies and material related to charter schools. The advisory group would continue these duties and add two others; in conjunction with charter office staff conduct capacity interviews for new charter develops and listen to parent complaints at a charter school if they become significant.

This document is being presented Tues, Jan. 10th at the board meeting, meeting begins at 5:00. The SDUSD charter community is encouraged to attend to show support for this collaborative process.

This document, if approved, will be incorporated into the broader charter policy that the charter policy committee will continue to work on and have completed by June. Once the policy is complete it will be a good example for other districts who are in need of solid charter policies.

Lisa Berlanga
Regional Director