Jan. 4, 6, 9: Webinars on New LAUSD Renewal Criteria

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January 3, 2012 The Charter School Division recently sent out a letter and board informative unveiling the District's new School Performance Framework that will be used as "one criterion to analyze charter schools that are making their renewal requests this academic year."

The district is holding webinars on the criteria this week:

  • Jan. 4: 2 pm at Beaudry: 2nd Floor Room 131
  • Jan. 6: Webinar at 9 am
  • Jan. 9: Webinar at 3 pm

Webinar Call-in Number: (213) 241-4200, Code 919785

Access online meeting.

Password: spf (all lowercase)

Under the School Performance Framework, schools are classified into one of five tiers. The Charter School Division is in the process of updating the School Performance Framework calculations for charter schools using the most recent AGT results.

CCSA has been working with the District under the Quality Schools Compact to develop a common set of standards that will evaluate performance for both district and charter schools. For the current school year, this accountability framework will only be one factor in charter school renewal. We are encouraged by the early results of this work, as the academic accountability framework aligns well with CCSA criteria in that it prioritizes status, growth and added value. We commend the District for their willingness to collaborate on data modeling and working through the design of the measures.

However, we feel that there is much work that remains to be to be completed, especially with criteria that pertains to high schools. We also believe that the criteria cannot be truly effective if schools are not given adequate notice of where they fall on the framework. We understand the anxiety of members, especially those up for renewal this year, and are working to ensure that the District provide data on where all charters fall within the framework. We encourage members to attend the district's info sessions and be actively engaged in this issue.