Foundation Seeks Charters to Change Educational Outcomes for Foster Youth in Sacramento County

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January 19, 2012 Foster youth are the most vulnerable kids in our community. The Children's Report Card, released by the Sacramento County Children's Coalition showed that less than half (47.5%) of foster youth in Sacramento complete their high school degree or equivalency by the time they exit the foster youth system. The Sacramento County average graduation rate for the same period was 77.9%.

The Stuart Foundation has partnered with CCSA to identify high-performing charter schools in Sacramento County that are willing to be a part of reversing the trend. Do you serve foster you in your school? Are you interested in finding ways to serve them better? The Stuart Foundation is looking to form a Charter School Foster Consortium to support schools that want to change the educational outcomes for foster youth. The consortium will set goals, collect data, and create a plan for increasing access to charter schools for foster youth.

If you are interested in participating - or just want to learn more - please contact me directly.

Laura Kerr
Regional Director