Families That Can hosts its first meeting for Parent Leaders/Coordinators

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January 19, 2012 On Feb. 18, Families That Can hosted its first regional meeting specifically for Parent School Site Leaders with representatives from a dozen Los Angeles charter schools. FTC plans to offer these meetings on a quarterly basis to give parent leaders a chance to share best practices, access useful parent resources and get ideas for engaging their parents.

Check out photos from the first meeting!

We recognize that a vital component of a school's success is due to the level of parent involvement, and despite cuts to education, we want to ensure that parent engagement will not be affected. Parent leaders were able to share best practices, learn new ideas to increase their parent involvement, and hear about all the resources that Families That Can provides. A highlight of the this conversation was having Watts Learning Center invite Alliance College Ready Schools to provide some of their parent leadership workshops at their sites! This is exactly the kind of collaboration we hope to promote.

With Schools We Can Believe In Rally fast approaching on February 4, we were able to provide our Parent Leaders with up-to-date information as well as walk them through our online resource toolkit at www.ccsa.org/rallytoolkit. We shared that we currently have a commitment of 6,200 supporters that will be attending this Rally, an astonishing number! The immediate reaction from the Parent Leaders was..."How do we keep this momentum going?"

Families That Can is taking this momentum to the State Capitol! They were able to hear about our 3rd annual parent summit that will be held on February 29th, where our Parent Leaders will be receiving professional development and will also be empowered to voice their support for their GREAT public charter school at our rally on the lawn of the state capitol.

All our Parent Leaders left excited for the all opportunities and resources to come from Families That Can!

School represented at the first meeting were:

  • Futuro College Prep
  • Camino Nuevo
  • Watts Learning Center
  • Synergy Academy
  • Alliance
  • Valor Academy
  • Global Education Academy
  • ICEF Public Schools
  • Culture and Language Academy of Success - CLAS

Please keep an eye out open for our 2nd Los Angeles Region Parent Leadership Meeting that will be held in April 2012. More details to come!