Consolidated Application (ConApp) Part II Deadline Delayed

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January 4, 2012 Although it is normally due on January 31st of each year, the deadline for Part II of the Consolidated Application (ConApp) will be delayed by more than a month, according to the Charter School Management Corporation (CSMC).

The state is in the process of shifting users from state-created desktop software (CADS) to an online application (Consolidated Application and Reporting System, CARS). This transition to CARS is not going perfectly smoothly, and CDE staff have issued guidance that the new online CARS system will not be released to applicants until late January or early February.

CDE staff plan to keep to the traditional six week window from the software's release to the application deadline, implying at least a month and a half delay from the old January 31st application deadline. However, CDE staff believe this delay in the application process will not result in a delay in the actual disbursement of funds. This is due to the fact that Part II of the ConApp acts for most applicants as a follow up information gathering step. Part I of the ConApp (which was due in June 2011) acts as the true application for funds.