Updated and Expanded Special Education Resources

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December 2, 2011 CCSA's Special Education mission is to empower charter schools to provide high quality and compliant special education services to an increased number and broader range of students with exceptional needs, by building a statewide infrastructure of resources that supports the flexible and autonomous nature of charter schools. We have recently updated and expanded our online special education resources for members.

Visit the special education page within the "Operating a Charter School" section of CCSA's website for a short narrative that explains:

  • special education options for charter schools
  • how schools can exercise autonomy to better serve students
  • the benefits of participating in a special education consortium
  • some facts about providing services to students
  • what school developers should know about special education

And don't miss the special education section of the online resource library. Among other resources, the library contains:

  • detailed toolkits on everything from evaluating your school's special education needs to forming a special education Joint Powers Authority
  • template materials that can be easily customized by your school
  • sample special education language for inclusion in developing schools' charter petitions
  • profiles of charter schools successfully providing quality services in a cost-effective manner to students with special needs
  • fact sheets on special education for use with parents and the community