Stay Tuned During the Holidays: Legislature Back-to-Session on January 4, 2012

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December 14, 2011 While school winter breaks are quickly approaching, so is the start of the new Legislative session. The Legislature is back to session in Sacramento on January 4, and the Governor will submit his budget proposal for the 2012-13 fiscal year by January 10. Among the numerous issues they will take up next year, several directly impact you and your school, like funding levels for K-12 education.

Last year, we saw an unprecedented number of anti-charter school bills introduced in Sacramento, and the charter school movement united to advocate against those bills. We expect similar bills to be proposed next year. Again, we must stand united to push back against things that negatively impact our schools and students.

It is more important than ever to know who your Legislators are, and for them to know who you are; advocating for your school is a year-round responsibility. We will be closely tracking any bills that will impact charter schools, so be prepared for Capitol Updates and Action Alerts from CCSA. Recently, charter school leader Dave Patterson sat down with students from the Rocklin Academy Schools to discuss the importance of participating in Action Alerts and other charter school movement-wide advocacy efforts. Please take a few minutes to watch the video, and keep an eye out for emails from CCSA in the coming weeks.