Save the Date: LA Citywide Rally Feb. 4!

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December 16, 2011 On Saturday, Feb. 4, we hope that you and your school community will join local families, elected officials and the greater education reform community from across Los Angeles for:

Schools We Can Believe In
Citywide Rally for Excellent Schools
Location TBD

We are having a call to go over more details this Thursday, Dec. 22 at 10:30 am. Please feel free to call in!

Call-in Details: 760-569-9000 Access code: 397792

This rally will demonstrate our deep commitment to create high-quality schools for all kids. Charters schools are truly public schools that we can believe in and we believe that every student in LA should have the opportunity to go to a great school.

Despite our success, there have been many disheartening attacks on charter schools in the past year - from the dismantling of the Public School Choice initiative, an initiative that relied on parent input, to the recent raid on charter facilities bond funds and attempts to marginalize charter schools and slow their growth.

This is our moment to rally together, show our strength and make sure that quality education stays at the forefront of transforming Los Angeles!

Families That Can is coordinating the rally and will be working with all of you directly in the weeks to come to mobilize your families, teachers and supporters for this important event.