Sacramento City Trustees Drop Plans to Move Sac High and PS7

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December 9, 2011 Last night (Thursday, Dec. 9) was a big night for families with students attending St. HOPE Public Schools. The Sacramento City Unified Board of Trustees was considering an unpopular plan to move Sac High and PS7 middle school from the historic Sacramento High School campus. The proposal was to remove PS7 completely and co-locate or swap the Sac High with an exisitng district magnet school, called West Campus. Supportors of the swap underestimated the resistance to the plan that would distrupt three successful programs.

The grassroots action of St. HOPE, West Campus, and local charter school supporters changed the outcome. Angry parents and students wrote letters, published blogs, signed petitions, and spoke out to the media. CCSA Legal Team wrote a powerful letter challenging the districts ability to move schools outside of the Propsition 39 process. The Sacramento Bee Editorial Board weighed in on the side of protecting the high performing programs. Families that Can and Stand Up organized parents and students. Finally, West Campus and Sac High supporters rallying outside the district office prior to the board meeting, and then filled the hearing room to capacity.

In front of an audience of nearly 300 people, Trustee Arroyo and Trustte Kennedy responded to the public outcry by directing staff to pull the plug on the plan. Unfortunately, Trustees did vow to continue to single out Sac High for the "underutilization" of their facility, despite low enrollment across the district. We will work closely with coalition members, Families that Can, and the Legal Team to beat this back once and for all.

Laura A. Kerr
Regional Director, Northeastern California

Media coverage of the meeting: