Positive Vote at San Diego County Office of Education

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December 15, 2011 Literacy First was finally able to realize their vision of making their school a K-12 charter school at last night's SDCOE Board Meeting.

Literacy First began back in 2001 in East County, when they were approved on appeal at SDCOE, (they are still the only charter approved by SDCOE). They have been hugely successful and evidenced by their growing waitlists and academic progress. About five years ago they decided to open a high school and took a request to SDCOE, who sadly decided to send them to Grossmont for approval, since that is where they would physically be located. So Literacy First did this and have been operating under two authorizers for years, which greatly complicates the business of running a charter organization. Last night, Debbie Beyer and her team were able to convince SDCOE to be home to Literacy First, a K-12 charter and they agreed.

Congrats to Literacy First for their diligence and hard work as it finally paid off. Now to find another facility...

Lisa Berlanga
Regional Director