Parent Power and CCSA Efforts in Sweetwater Unified

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December 1, 2011 There was a great demonstration of parent power combined with Association support that unfolded in Sweetwater Unified over the last few weeks.

Sweetwater, which is a 7-12 district, has a Compact for Success that allows students who graduate from their district automatic enrollment in San Diego State University. The new renegotiated contract attempted to cut out students who attended middle school in a charter school. They also attempted to push charter schools out of the middle school sports league.

There were some parents at Chula Vista Community Learning Charter who rallied the press and parents from other charters, reached out for help to CCSA, Procopio and others. They stood up to the district and demanded equal treatment for all students. CCSA supported the effort by funding a letter developed by Greg Moser at Procopio that was sent to Sweetwater.

Apparently the pressure worked, as Superintendent Brand announced that the district would collaborate with the elementary districts and charters to work out a compromise. In addition, charters will be allowed to continue in the middle school sports league. Great win for parents in South County.

Lisa Berlanga
Regional Director