LAUSD Board Raids Charter Facilities Funds to Pay for IT Improvements

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December 15, 2011 The LAUSD School Board approved a funding strategy for district IT upgrades on Tuesday, Dec. 13th that would use around 22 million dollars of charter bond money that had been previously set aside for long-term facilities solutions. The board voted 6-1 with only Boardmember Vladovic opposing the funding strategy.

Judy Burton of Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, Johnathan Williams of The Accelerated School and Dan Kreinbring of CCSA spoke out against the proposal, yet were only permitted public comment after the item had been voted on and approved. There is now only $19 million left to be dispersed for charter augmentation grants.

CCSA finds this sort of disregard for charter specific dollars unacceptable. We will be engaging you shortly in our outreach to the superintendent and Board to insist that charter dollars for long-term facilities solutions be preserved. In the meantime, if you are outraged by the Board's disregard for charter-specific funding, let them know:

Marguerite LaMotte,
Monica Garcia,
Richard Vladovic,
Bennett Kayser,
Tamar Galatzan,
Nury Martinez,