Investing Time and Energy into a Well Executed Authorization Process

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December 1, 2011 I had a great meeting with a couple of schools last week. One is going through renewal and the other is preparing to open next fall. There are many similar things to think about when going through renewal and getting initially authorized. Both require extensive time, preparation and organizing of their charter communities. As always, we recommend a positive working relationship with the authorizer and hopeful of a back and forth with questions and concerns.

It has become so clear as to the importance of submitting your charter petition as early as possible allowing time for possible appeals to the County Office of Education and State Board of Education. There are a number of examples of schools closing due to running out of time for appeals as the expiration of their charter comes very quickly.

I know consulting with legal council is expensive but in such important events like authorization, not connecting with them can have catastrophic impacts on the existence of your school. We have seen many examples of recommended model language provided by authorizers that should be questions to see if that is right for your school. The Brown Act, Public Records Act, Government Code 1090 are just a few examples where a school needs to decide if these laws apply to their particular school.