Have You Participated in our AB 1172 Action Alert Yet?

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December 16, 2011 We didn't plan to issue an Action Alert before the new year; however charter school detractors are at it again. They have dusted off and are amending a bad bill to be voted on in early January.

Last year, the charter school community united in opposition to AB 1172 (Mendoza), a bill sponsored by the California Teachers Association that would have stripped charter schools of appeal rights, and deleted the countywide and statewide benefit options. Even worse, the bill would have allowed a school district to deny a charter school if it found that the charter school would have a negative fiscal impact on the district. Thanks in large part to your help, that bill was defeated in its first committee.

Because of California's two year legislative session, the author has the ability to amend the bill and have a second hearing in the Assembly Education Committee in early January 2012. AB 1172 is being amended to speak only to the negative fiscal impact issue and will likely be heard in committee on January 11, 2012. Even with the other portions of the bill removed, this bill is unacceptable to charter schools.

Can you take five minutes to let members of the Assembly Education Committee know that these end of the year amendments to AB 1172 do nothing to remove your opposition to the bill? Please visit our Action Alert center to add your personal story to our template letter of opposition; our automated system send your letter to key elected officials.

Charter school approval decisions should be made on the merits of the petition; any red herring fiscal arguments put the needs of adults ahead of the needs of students. Stand up for California's charter schools and make your voice heard (again) today!