Dec. 6 and 7: Accountability Workshops

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December 1, 2011 We will be hosting two workshops this week on CCSA's Accountability Initiative. These workshops will be lead by Myrna Castrejon, our Senior Vice President, Achievement and Performance Management.

The first workshop will be in person at O'Farrell Community School on Tuesday, December 6, from 10-12. The second will be a webinar on Wednesday, December 7, from 3-5.

CCSA is embarking on a very public campaign to ensure high quality charter schools, and we want our members to thoroughly understand the process. Please take advantage of one of these workshops as no one understands and can explain the accountability model better than Myrna, who had a hand in creating it. Email me if you are interested in either and I can get you more information.

Lisa Berlanga
Regional Director