CCSA To Develop an Informed Advocacy Position on 3 STRS/PERS Issues

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December 22, 2011 After a hosting a call on Dec. 20th , CCSA is working to develop an informed advocacy position on LACOE STRS/PERS fee structure, timeline for payments and flexibility in terms of opting out of STRS/PERS.

The current LACOE STRS/PERS fee structure appears inconsistent with Ed Code statute which provides that a school may be charged only for the "actual cost" of the reporting service. Currently, the block system of the fee structure does appear to charge the "actual cost". In fact, a charter school with two employees pays $1,500 per employee for the yearly cost of LACOE's reporting service, while a school with nine employees pays $330 per employee per year and a school with 10 employees pays $650 per employee per year for the same reporting service. CCSA plans to address this structure with LACOE in the near future.

Additionally, LACOE has now mandated that all STRS/PERS reports from charters be due to LACOE by the 5th day of the month. This is a great inconvenience to many of our members, especially larger charters. CCSA will work to propose a model with tiered deadlines based on the number of employees a school or CMO has.

Lastly, CCSA will be advocating for increased flexibility for those schools that wish to opt out of STRS/PERS. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding these issues, please contact Allison Bajracharya.