ZOOM! Tip of the Month: Common Core Standards in DataDirector

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November 8, 2011 Did you know that the Common Core Standards are currently available in DataDirector? As schools prepare to adopt the Common Core Standards in the coming years, many are already asking if they can align their exams housed in DataDirector to those standards. DataDirector has already put the Common Core Standards into the system, and you can link them to questions in any assessments you create. All you have to do is create your exam as you normally would, and select the Common Core Standards instead of the California Standards when you select the standards to which you'd like to link your questions.

Additionally, DataDirector has also created fixed forms for the Common Core Standards. These are pre-aligned benchmarks that use the Common Core Standards, and are available for purchase. If you'd like more information on the fixed forms or using Common Core Standards in DataDirector, please let us know.